Welcome to Our Ohlhausen/Koenig (K÷nig) Family History Website

This website is dedicated and traces the family histories of Heinrich "Henry" Ohlhausen and Nathalia Koenig who were married 5 March 1917 in Crossfield Alberta, Canada, but their story began before that and continues today.

Both families fall into the North American classification of ‘Germans from Russia’.

In 19th century Germany all farms were located inside a village boundary and their farm land fanned out from their buildings so farmers traveled from their village farm to work their land. 

The Germans who moved to Bessarabia and other Russian areas constructed their new villages the same way.  One adjustment for these families moving to North America was isolation. You can imagine the shock to find their nearest neighbor was at best ╝ mile from their farm.  The effect was mainly on the women and thus you find the emergence of quilting, cooking and other social groups set up by the women.  




The Koenig (K÷nig) Family

We can follow our Koenig Family after coming to North America, by following Nathalia’s life story. 

Ohlhausen or Olnhausen?

Was the first Ohlhausen an Olnhausen?  For those who are interested in history, and the origins of the name Ohlhausen, we have included some additional reading material.


Interested in Contributing?

If you are a member of one of our families, you can help to keep the information up to-date by sending us corrections or new information. Also, please send us your photos for either one of the family albums or the written in stone section.

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